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February 2017

The 11th Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni

The 11th Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni
Phalgun is the season of Pre-Monsoon in India, when we have overcast skies along with mild drizzle. The weather makes the mood romantic.
This Nakshatra too is governed by Continue reading “The 11th Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni”


Here comes the Tenth Nakshatra Magha

Here comes the Tenth One magha The Mighty One The first one of  Leo
Magha is governed by our Pitras, i.e. the #Ancestors. Pitras, being our forefathers are supposed to be the protectors of humanity. Hence it bestows the native tyage kshepani shakti, Continue reading “Here comes the Tenth Nakshatra Magha”

The Nakshatra Aslesha


Aslesha is ruled by the #Naag Devta or the serpent God. Hence it can inflict poison (visasleshana shakti).

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Pushya The 8th Nakshatra

#Pushya The 8th Nakshatra

Pushya is the most auspicious of all the lunar mansions. #Jupiter (Brahaspati), who is the Guru of all the Gods, bestows the brahmavarchasa Shakti,

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The Seventh Nakshatra Punarvasu

The Seventh in this Series of #Nakshatra is #Punarvasu


As the dawn come after a dark and gloomy night, so does Punar-vasu, i.e. reemergence of light. Like the morning when everything glows and grows,

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The sixth Lunar Mansion Ardra of Astrology

The sixth #Lunar Mansion #Ardra

After hunting down the hunter, comes this #Nakshatra governed by the angry form of Lord Shiva, #Rudra. Its efforts to hunt are disposed in the

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Nakshatra Mrigashirsha of Astrology

About the #NAkshatra #Mrigashirsha

In this series of Nakshatra, the fourth in the line is Mrigashira. It is governed by Soma, the Moon. It bestows prinana Shakti i.e. fulfillment.

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Nakshatra Rohini in Astrology

About Nakshatra Rohini in #Astrology

#Rohini is by all means the most adored Nakshatra, be it her Husband Moon, or her father Prajapati Daksha, who rules this lunar mansion.

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Nakshatra Krittika in Astrology

About Nakshatra Krittika in #Astrology

#Krittika is governed by the God of Fire, Agni. Being the manifestation of Divine Fire it possess daihan shakti i.e. the power to burn.

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