A child prodigy born to a mother who had special powers

The Mother- She belonged to an Aristrocrat family of Pre-Independent India, however lost both her parents at the onset of her teenage. She devoted her energy towards God and welfare of others. As a result she had live visions of Bhole Nath, Durga Ji, Hanuman Ji and also Sri Lakshmi ji!  
Her tongue had naturally engraved marks of Om Bhole Ramayana in devnagari
All her visions used to come true, however she was discouraged to use her visions for public use as it would have then misused and their purpose lost. So she lived a simple life of a housewife
She attained her Nirvana on April 18th,2012 and clearly she said that her Guruji had come over to receive her for higher heaven
Vishal, her son, called Guruji since school days. He too had these visions since early childhood, although he could see only Sri Lakshmi Ji and Bhole Shankar Ji. This lead to his interest in occult sciences of Palmistry and Astrology since his school days
Education: This doesn’t mean that he didn’t do well in academics! He did well in his school, did Hotel Management from IHM Bangalore, the top rank Govt College, and scored an All India 2nd rank for his excellence in Academics. But as he had absolved drinking and non veg during that time, he thought it would be better if he get out of this industry
He further did MBA from one of the most reputed B-Schools of India and Joined into Investment Banking and did well in his career. But those long working hours and unidealistic approach didn’t suit him well. So he again shifted to academia, and currently heading a large Educational Group.
About his predictions- Since school days he had been predicting to his school mates, college friends, family and who so ever came in his contact. Everyone swear by his accuracy of timing & predictions.
For the last 20 years his predictions have never failed.
About his followers – Apart from his school friends, family and acquaintances, he now has a fan fellowship of thousands of people including well known Celebrities, Businessmen, Socialites, Actors, Professionals, MNC Employees, Students and people from all field.
These Followers are not only from India, rather he has a mass following in UK, US, Middle East, Russia, China, New Zealand and Australia
In his words “I never predict, it’s just that when I see a natal chart, the celestial start to revolve around me and I tell, nothing out of my knowledge”
“I am predicting for fellows for over 20 years now, & till date my words have kept my dignity”
“Since Astrology is my gift and interest, and not a profession, I would say what is right rather than misguiding you”
He even did fellowships of most prominent astrologers of India to hone his skills, but discovered that, to him, it is a natural gift which can be developed only by the grace of Almighty.
His predictions are based on his visions & intuitions; however he refers to Sage Parasher, the founding Father of Astrology & Grandfather to Rishi Ved Vyas, the author of Vedas.