About Nakshatra Ashwini in #Astrology

#Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by the twin Horsemen (Ashwini Putra). Being a manifestation of Divine Steed they possess Shighra Vyapan Shakti, i.e. they reach quickly. On one hand are the sick creatures and on the other are the therapies. This combination formulates a disease free world.

Being a Steed, they provide quick relief and vitality. Their extraordinary healing powers can only be termed as miraculous. These are the prana or life force of a being and that makes their healing so radical and fast.

Mythology : The wife of Sun, Sanjana got exasperated by her husband’s heat, so she placed a holographic image of herself called Chhaya (Shadow) there and fled to the cold mountains, where she lived as a mare. On discovering this, the sun too joined her and their progeny were called as Ashwini Kumars or the son of Steed. They are horse headed twins who brings in the dawn.

Qualities: Since they bring in the dawn, they are also termed as the ‘star of transport’. It also makes them a pioneer in any field. They are basically an explorer at heart who are always ready to try something new. They are passionate about life, very heroic and courageous. Defence Services, Advanture Sports are their field of interest. This quickness also makes them impatient and restless. They try to rush up rather than planning for something. As a result they may be quick but not efficient. Even their speech also depicts the same nature wherein they wish to speak more than what their tongue could pronounce. As a result they stammer and lisp.
They are truly the leaders with their headstrong nature and stubborn attitude. Since they also indicate a new beginning, they can be compared to a toddler who will go after whatever it wants without thinking. This makes them childish, careless and insensitive. As it rules over all forms of transport, especially fast travel, these natives over speed. They are blessed with supernatural healing powers which can be termed miraculous.
The natives born under this nakshatra are pioneers or revolutionary. They have a deva, or godly temperament. Their main inspiration is Dharma. Their ruling planet is Ketu, the Southern node of Moon, which provides them with a mystical bent to their life.

Ashwini Career Interests:

Medical Practitioner, Physician, Psychologist, Therapist and Mystic Healer, Drug Dealer, Alchemist, Pharmacist, Metaphysician
Police, Military Personnel, Criminal Lawyer, Transporter, Truckker, Travel Agent, Pilet, Sales Agent, Merchant, Athlete, Jockey, Horse Trainer, Musician

“Our ancestors fashioned heaven as a dark horse with pearls. They placed darkness in the night and light in the day. Brahaspati (Jupiter) broke the rock and released the rays”. Rig Veda X. 68.11

Ashwini Position : 0.00 to 13.20 Aries called as Horse Women

Symbol : A Horse’s Head represent this nakshatra representing a free and fearless spirit of adventure.

Deity : The Ashwini Kumars twins rules over this Nakshatra. They are the Physicians of the Gods, who ride in a golden chariot and shower their healing energy down to the earth’s being. They have the power to heal quickly and reach their destination instantly.

Stars: Ashwini is formed by three stars El Sharatan in the head of the constellation of the Ram (horse).Its qualities are violent, outspoken, and brazen

Syllables : Chu, Che, Cho, La
Nakshatra Lord : Ketu / South Node of the Moon
Zodiac : Mesh /Aries
Lord : Mangal /Mars
Nadi : Aadi /Initial
Tatva : Agni /Fire
Yoni : Ashwa /Horse
Varna : Kshtriyia /Warrior
Garna : Dev /Godly