About Nakshatra Bharani in #Astrology

Bharani is governed by the God of Death, Yama. Being a manifestation of the God of Death, it possess apabharani Shakti, i.e. to take things away. On one hand it takes the soul out of a body and on the other it carries it back to realms of the pitra (ancestors)

This nakshatra, being the last one in Vedic Astrology possess the power to carry off the soul of a thing to its new destination once the body has reached maturity. Yama, the God of Death, being its Gurdian Angel, guides the soul into the astral planes where it is decreed onto its future course of action based on his Karmic pattern in the life gone by. Yama is said to be very righteous and judicious who follows strict discipline and sacrifice.

Mythology : As per Atharva Veda, Bharani is the concluding nakshatra, which indicates its connection with the end of life. This nakshatra is also referred to as Apabharani, meaning the ‘water that carries thing away’, indicating the transition of soul from a body into the astral plain. For Europeans, Yama can be equated to Pluto which carries the dead to the other world. Some texts also indicate Yama to the first man who entered this cycle of Birth and Death.

Qualities : Bharani being presided by Yama, who himself is disciplined makes the people born in this asterism very restrained. Tis star is thus termed as the star of restraints. It is a difficult nakshatra, full of struggles and obstacles which ultimately results in personal breakthrough. My personal experiences indicate these natives to be born in a household with limitations, but their leadership and initiation makes the family sail through.

A native born under Bharni has to undergo pains similar to the ones at the time of death and then redeveloping as a stronger individual. Its all about personal transformation where they could then take a chance to try out something new. They could become activists or social reformers.

Their personal struggle makes them jealous of others whom they deem to have obtained it easily. They feel bounded by their limited resources, family, society and traditions. They feel confined akin to that of a womb before birth. They are prejudiced and intolerant of the people who don’t abide by their opinion.

As Venus is their ruling planet, they are very passionate and sexually indulgent. Here too they feel oppressed by the society at large. It also gives makes them creative.

Some of the natives, based on their natal chart, may also lead them to spiritual enlightenment.

The natives born under Bharani have the temperament and power to remove the impurity or bad omen and make everything clean around them. They have a Humane (manushya) temperament and their main motivation is prosperity and riches (artha)
Bharani Career Interests:

Writers, Publishers, Music and film industry.
Psychics, Hypnotists, Occultists, Taantriks, Astrologers
Businessman, Entrepreneurs, and financial consultants
Hospitality industry – catering, chefs and hotel staff
Politicians, Lawyers, Judges
Building contractors

Bharani Position : 13.20 to 26.40 in Aries, called as the bearer of new life
Symbol : #Bharani is represented by yoni, the female organ for reproduction. Some say it to be a clay vessel. In any ways it indicates the potential of creative energy that these natives possess.
Deity Yama, the God of Death or Dharma is the ruling deity
Stars Three stars in the left foot of #Andromenda, or above the tail of the Ram. Form this Nakshatra. The star Almach gives honor and artistic ability, whereas Menkar in the jaw of whale indicates disgrace, trouble with legacies, and dishonor.

#Syllables : Li, Lu, Le, Lo
Nakshatra Lord :Shukra /Venus
#Zodiac :Mesha /Aries
#Lord : Mangal /Mars
#Nadi : Madhyam /Middle
#Tatva : Agni /Fire
#Yoni : Gaja /Elephant
#Varna :Kshtriyia /Warrior
#Garna : Manush /Humane