About Nakshatra Krittika in #Astrology

#Krittika is governed by the God of Fire, Agni. Being the manifestation of Divine Fire it possess daihan shakti i.e. the power to burn.

On one hand it’s the heat and on the other is the light. This combination results in a purified world free of darkness or evil.

Agni, being sacred fire ensures purification by burning up the negativities. Also it cooks up the raw food, ripens up the fruits and so on. Some may say that fire causes destruction, but that’s the other aspect of it. Fire as such is flickering, so it has a childish disposition. Thus if it is not kept in control it may cause disaster.

Mythology : As per Atharva Veda, the astral system commences from this nakshatra and it thus form the first nakshatra. The western astronomers look at this in a manner that during Indus Valley civilization (2720-1760 BCE), when they assume India to be born, Krittika used to be the first nakshatra rising at the spring vernal equinox. Another story suggests Karttikeya son of Shiva, was a powerful warrior who was born in the Pleiades and nursed by six sisters who were falsely accused of infidelity.

Qualities : Since it is also termed as the Star of Fire, it is penetrating, piercing and sharp. Natives born under this Nakshatra have an unkind wit making them critical and sarcastic. They are ambitious, determined and proud. They are ardent crusaders.

Since the nursemaid nurtured and protected Karttikeya, it carries a protective influence. They seem to adopt and care for children not their own. Many pet lovers are born under this nakshatra. Their urge to protect brings out the warrior in them. They get stubborn and aggressive. As a result this nakshatra rules over disputes, battles and wars.

As Agni is their presiding Deity, these natives possess a good digestion and fist metabolism. They are also good at cooking. They undergo frequent ups and downs in life. Their passions can wander them towards illicit sexual affairs, like the Pleiades were falsely accused. They are larger than life and can rise to a place of prominence and fame.

This Nakshatra have the power to burn away the negativity and impurity to get to the truth and purity. This power is enhanced when Moon visits this Nakshatra as it gets exhalted here. These natives have a Rakshasa or Demonic temperament. Their main inspiration is Kama or Desires.

Krittika Career Interests: Artists, Singers, Musicians and Dancers
Fashion Designers, Modeling, Spiritual Teachers, #Vedic Priests
Building Contractors, Advisors, Heads of State, Weapon makers, Military Personnel, Cooks, Potters and people that use fire

Krittika Position Aries 26 40’ to Taurus 10 00 termed as The Star of Fire

Symbol ; The #Yagna Fire or primordial flame is the primary symbol of this nakshatra representing. Another symbol of a knife or a razor reflects the cutting activity of this nakshatra.

Deity : Sun is the ruling planet alongwith Agni the God of Fire, as the residing deity.

#Stars : The seven stars located in the upper torso of the Bull or The star cluster of the Pleiades (The Weeping Sisters) forms Krittika. Alceyone, one of the six Pleiades is the star of success and prominence yet sorrow. Algol is the most violent evil star, which deals with decapitation (losing your head)

Note: An ancient seal from the Indus Valley region depicts a six-headed deity surrounded by goddesses. This could reflect the connection of the god Mars (#Karttikeya, #Skandha, or #Subramaniya in Sanskrit) with the Pleiades.

Syllables : A, E, I, O, U
Nakshatra Lord : Surya /Sun
Zodiac : Mesha /Aries for 1st Quarter, Vrishab / Taurus for the remaining 3
Lord : Mangal /Mars for 1st Quarter, Shukra / Venus for the remaining 3
Nadi : Anta / Final
Tatva : Agni /Fire for 1st Quarter, Prithwi /Earth for the remaining 3
Yoni : Mesha /Ram
Varna : Kshtriyia /Warrior for 1st Quarter, Vaishya/ Trader for the remaining 3
Garna : Rakshasa /Devil