About the #NAkshatra #Mrigashirsha

In this series of Nakshatra, the fourth in the line is Mrigashira. It is governed by Soma, the Moon. It bestows prinana Shakti i.e. fulfillment.

On one side it weaves and on the other it extends, just like a rope which keeps on extending when we are weaving it from one side. This fulfillment of one’s desires makes the world more enjoyable.

This Nakshatra is all about wish fulfillment and the enjoyment that comes from it. Like a weaver feels elated on looking at the cloth he has woven. This procurement for wish fulfillment may be through any means, earned, bought, won, conquered or even stolen. The means could be any way and so are its fruits.

#Mythology The lore associated with this Nakshatra is just the extension of the Rohini one. #Prajapati Daksha was obsedded with her daughter Rohini and chased her through this region of the celestial. He kept on changing forms and here while it was in the form of an antelope, Lord #Shiva, in the form of hunter, #Orion shot an arrow at him. This made him fall through the sky and the oneness of the Universe was over.

Qualities Since the celestial hunter Orion represents Rohini, it has its qualities of searching or hunting for something. They are restless and nervous, always on the move. Like their predecessor Rohini, they too love to shop, but unlike them, Mrigshira natives look for any special deal. Their shopping, collecting and searching never seem to end. Their quest for something makes them excellent researchers and investigators. Eventually their quest about themselves will lead them towards higher dimensions of their soul. For them, it’s the journey that is more important than the destination, as the thrill of chase gets over with it.

The natives born under this Nakshatra are very much deerlike, be it their face , which often resembles a deer, or their eyes which are prominently doeish, or their peaceful tender nature. They have beautiful children.

As their qualities suggest, their quest about themselves makes #Moksha or #salvation as their primary motivation. This leads to having a Deva or Godly temperament. People born under this nakshatra often go for research on Religious or philosophical truths. Mars, their ruling planet gives them all the energy needed to pursue their quest.

Mrigashira #Career Interests:
Researchers, Investigators, Archeologists, Engineers
Astrologers, Psychics, Mystics,
Travellers, Tourist guides
Veterinarians, animal trainers
Authors, Poets, Teachers,
Gemologists, Real estate, sales

Mrigashira Position 23 20’ in #Taurus to 06 40 in Gemini it is termed as Searching Star
Symbol Deer’s head
Deity Soma, Chandra, the Moon god
Stars Mrigishira is formed by three faint stars at the head of the constellation of #Orion, the hunter. #Bellatrix is on the left shoulder of Orin means “female warrior” which bestows military honors.

Syllables Vai, Vo, Ka, Ki
Nakshatra Lord Mangal /Mars
Zodiac Taurus for 1st two Quarter, Gemini for the remaining 2
Lord Shukra / Venus, Buddha/ Mercury for the remaining 2
Nadi Madhya/ Middle
Tatva Prithwi /Earth for 1st two Quarter, Vayu/ Wind for the remaining 2
Yoni Serpa / Serpantine
Varna Vaishya for 1st two Quarter, Shudra for the remaining 2
Garna Dev/ Godly