About Nakshatra Rohini in #Astrology

#Rohini is by all means the most adored Nakshatra, be it her Husband Moon, or her father Prajapati Daksha, who rules this lunar mansion.

This results in bestowing it rohana Shakti, i.e. the power of growth. On one hand it’s the plants and vegetation and on the other it’s the flowing waters, which results in the creation.

The natives of this nakshara are bestowed with tremendous levels of fertility which results in creation and growth at all levels. Since her father #Prajapati is the creator who can grant anything a Rohini native desires, such persons should desire judiciously. Such a native is often the cause of jealousy amongst others and at the same time it gets indulged in the prosperity that it enjoys, desiring even more.

Mythology Prajapati Daksha, who was the creator of all the heavens and earth had 27 daughters whom he made Nakshatras. These daughters were later married to Som, the Moon. But as Rohini was the favourite daughter likewise even Moon favoured Rohini the most. So much so that he spent most of his time in this lunar mansion neglecting the others. This made her other sisters jealous of her and on their complaint to Prajapati, he casted a spell on Som, which made him ‘sheye’ i.e. wane. But by his penance and request of other daughters Prajapati gave the remedy to wax too, only if he spent equal time with each of his daughters. Since then the Moon wanes and waxes each month during his transit in each of the 27 Nakshatras.
Qualities Since Rohini had the seductive powers to attract Moon, the natives born under this nakshatra too are very beautiful, attractive and alluring along with being seductive and passionate. The same passion is for all of their worldly desires. This hyper sexed disposition may often be used by them to achieve materialistic goals. At times these desires and their intensity may result in suffering for these natives.
This is the most fertile Nakshatra, be it for crops and vegetation or for procreation, i.e. to have their own children. This Nakshatra also promises growth and achievements provided they must seek for it.
These natives are the really indulgent ones with interests and appreciation for fine arts, music and all the finer things in life. They themselves can be artistic. They have very high standards and nothing seems to be good enough for them. They are materialistic and critical of others who don’t measure up, frowning upon them as low class. The words class, luxury, fine arts were probably made of people born under this nakshatra.
It seems the Mugal King Jahangir or the more contemporary Vijay Malaya belongs to this Nakshatra. Lord Krishna had both his ascendant and moon in Rohini.
Contrasting the materialistic side of Rohini is its inclination towards Divinity and the temple. This makes Moksha or Salvation or Nirvana as the primary motivation of this Nakshatra. It possess a Manushya or Humane temperament with Brahma and Prajapati Daksha, the creators of the Universe, being its main Deities. It has the ability to foster creation and growth.

Rohini Career Interests:
People in the luxury segment of profession be it art, music, fashion etc.
So, artists, musicians, dancers, stage performers, actors , models, air hostess, poets, writers, designers all are alluring career interests for them
Hospitality and Glamour industry are another of their forte, so restaurateurs, hoteliers, chefs too interests them.
Their fertility makes them successful in agriculture, horticulture, food products, herbs and even real estate.

Rohini position 10.00 to 23.20 in Taurus termed as The Star of Ascent
Symbol a Divine Chariot ‘Rath’ or a Temple or banyan tree
Deity Brahma or Prajapati, the creator
Stars The five stars in the head of the Taurus Bull (the Hyades) form this Nakshatra. Rohini may have obtained its name from the rose star Aldeberan, as the rosy one. This star gives courage, enthusiasm, eloquence, intelligence and also public honors, but it also contributes to violence and ill health.
Syllables O, Va, Vi, Vu
Nakshatra Lord Soma /Moon
Zodiac Vrishab / Taurus
Lord Shukra / Venus
Nadi Anta / Final
Tatva Prithwi /Earth
Yoni Serpa/ Serpant
Varna Vaishya / Trader
Garna Manush/ Humane