#Pushya The 8th Nakshatra

Pushya is the most auspicious of all the lunar mansions. #Jupiter (Brahaspati), who is the Guru of all the Gods, bestows the brahmavarchasa Shakti,

i.e. #spiritual energy. On one hand it’s the worship and on the other is the worshipper who collectively creates this spiritual energy. Hence the observance of any religious or spiritual practice is emphasized in this Nakshatras, as it also increases the effect of our good Karmas.

Mythology Brahaspati is supposed to be the #Guru or teacher of the Gods. Being a Guru, it also teaches speech and prayer. #Tara, the wife of Guru was stolen by Soma (moon) and they had a child #Buddha (Mercury) out of this affair. But Brahaspati was charmed by the looks of Buddha and raised it as his own.

Qualities Since this Nakshatra is ruled by the Guru of Gods, the natives born here are very #religious, but usually in a conventional or #orthodox way. There is a helping, caring nature. They are very wealthy, abundant, sometimes to the point of opulence. This affluence make them high headed. They can get arrogant, believe themselves to be a know it all. They believe it’s only them who could be right and others need to follow them.

They have close knit families. The abundance can sometimes make the native obese. Their knowledge inclines them towards sharing this through teaching and preaching. They can become philosophers with unbound devotion towards their subject.
The symbols for this asterism are a lotus, circle, arrow and the udder of the sacred cow #Kaamdhenu. The ancient name of Pushya in the Rig Veda was Tishya, the Celestial Archer. Brahaspati gives it Deva (Godly) temperament and makes it follow Dharma, i.e. right action. It is ruled by Shani (Saturn) which grounds its energy.

“O wise Maruts, let us carry off the wealth of food which you have bestowed on us; give us, O Maruts, such thousand fold wealth as never fails, like the star Tishya (Pushya) from heaven” #Rig Veda, V.55.13

Pushya Career Interests:
Politicians, Leaders, Head of State
Army, Police,
Judiciary, Lawyers,
Priest, Preachers, Spiritual Guru
Artists, Poets, Musicians
Dairy industry, Aquatic Biologist, Geology

Pushya Position 03 20’ to 16 40’ in Cancer referred as the Star of Nourishment
Symbol cow’s udder (milk producing), the lotus, an arrow and a circle
Deity Brihaspati or Jupiter the priest of the gods
Stars Three stars in the constellation of Cancer, North and South #Asellis, the two donkeys, refer to giving care and nourishment. It reflects the manger and the birth of the Christ child which occurs under the spiritual energy of this benefic lunar mansion.

Syllables Hu, Hay, Ho, La
Nakshatra Lord Shani/ Saturn
Zodiac Karka/ Cancer
Lord Chandra/ Moon
Nadi Madhya/ Middle
Tatva Jal/ Water
Yoni Mesha/ Ram
Varna Brahmin/ Learned
Garna Dev/ Godly