Aslesha is ruled by the #Naag Devta or the serpent God. Hence it can inflict poison (visasleshana shakti).

On one hand it’s the slithering approach of the serpant and on the tail end is its trembling and agitation which collectively causes the death of the victim.

It is considered to be a very strong Nakshatra of the #Ganda #Mool #Nakshatra.

Mythology The serpent here is the Naag Devta, who is abounded with wisdom. Also, it indicates the coiled snake in the form of ‘Kundali’ in our spine, which is energized through Meditation and achieve #Spiritual#Enlightenment.

The natives born under this asterism have these qualities of a snake. If used wisely, the wisdom can be used to manipulate the enemies and obstacles. Whereas if used venomously, it can paralyzes the enemy. But that also indicates the presence of enemies or enemies created by this native through an inimical temperament. It all depends upon how the energy of this Nakshatra is used.

Qualities If you have seen movies of ‘icchadhari saap’ or ‘vish kanya’, probably they were depicting an Ashlesha native. For these are intense individuals. They have a penetrating and hypnotic glare. They can squeeze the life out of you. May be it’s this reason they are referred to as the ‘Clinging Stars’. They are obviously sly, cunning and crafty. Like a snake, they can be quick and agile in their attack. They are simply cold blooded and dangerous. Their negativities can sometime be self-destructive. Criticism or humiliation is something that they can never tolerate. They would rather use their sensuality to manipulate others.

All these negativities can make them aloof. At such a juncture, they use their wisdom, [something that can be used to attain the heights of spirituality, like #Gautama #Buddha did], in a negative way. They turn towards Astrology, then deeper into the occult science into Black Magic and use them to manipulate others.

The literal meaning of Ashlesha is also ‘#entangler’ as the snake entangles its prey. Also, it may donate the entanglement of these natives into worldly possessions, materialistic things and attachments. Here the ruler ship of Mercury and the lordship of the zodiac Cancer, Moon, also add to the already hyper sensitive moodiness of the natives. The main Deity being Naag Devta, they have the power to inflict venom, though figuratively. But on a positive note, they do have interest in venom as medicine for the purpose of healing.

Though they have a Rakshasa (devilish) temperament, their primary motivation is Dharma. This mystical talent was harnessed by Gautama, the Buddha, who indulged in deep meditation. He could unwind his Kundali Energy to attain Spiritual Enlightenment. The lores associated with Him indicate that King #Cobra (Naag Devta) protected Buddha form all the tempests of life as he performed His Meditation under the Bodhi Tree.

Ashlesha Career Interests:
Authors, Spiritual Teachers, Lawyers
Astrologers, Black Magicians (taantrik) and mystics
Snake Charmers, Venoms Dealer, Drug Dealer, Chemist, Addiction Counselor
Investment Banker, Strategic Planner, Venture Capitalist, Speculative Investor, Gambler, Sex Therapist, Prostitution,

Ashlesha Position 16.40 to 30.00 in Cancer termed as the embracer
Symbol Coiled up serpent, as a Kundali
Deity Naag Devta, i.e. snakes
Stars The ring of six stars that form the head of the Hydra (a serpent like Water Snake) Acubens situated on the southern claw of the crab

Syllables Di, Du, Day, Do
Nakshatra Lord Buddh/ Mercury
Zodiac Karka/ Cancer
Lord Chandra/ Moon
Nadi Antya/ Final
Tatva Jal/ Water
Yoni Marjar
Varna Brahmin/ Learned
Garna Daitya/ Devilish