The Seventh in this Series of #Nakshatra is #Punarvasu


As the dawn come after a dark and gloomy night, so does Punar-vasu, i.e. reemergence of light. Like the morning when everything glows and grows,

so does the natives born under this Lunar Mansion. The Mother Goddess #Aditi, who gave birth to all the Gods, rules this Nakshatra, which promises the ability to obtain gains or Vasutva Prapana Shakti. On the top it’s the air and below is the water or rain which promises growth and revitalization amongst plants and animals. The same revitalization can be seen in the natives born under this Nakshatra, who are very much development oriented. They are creative and innovative.

Mythology The Mother Goddess, Aditi assisted #Prajapati to recreate the #cosmos after his fall. The same goes for the natives of this #asterism who bounce back like the plants revive in monsoon after the dry spell.

Qualities The natives born under this Nakshatra, are like seeds, they simply need a fertile ground to develop. They possess unlimited inner strength to accomplish whatever they set their eyes on. On the inner side they are equivalently spiritual, with a deep understanding of everything around them. They are in true sense of the word, wise, for they know what it is and can guide or inspire others. They have strong moral values and follows the path of purity and truth.

They can be said to be one of the few Nakshatra who are absolutely #likeable with almost no dis-quality. They are quite #charming, be it in their looks or behavior. Always ready to help, amiable and dexterous are some of the things which makes them the best of friends. They are homing pigeons, who love to travel but feel good only at home amongst family and friends.
Since this is the most prosperous of Nakshatras, they tend to help out others, and as they help their prosperity increases. But personally they have limited need and desires. They would accumulate a lot and their family and friends are mainly benefitted with it, as they feel contented with little

Their untamed prosperity comes through the Shakti of this nakshatra, which is to gain in abundance. This makes the ‘artha’ or prosperity as the primary motivation. The Dev or Godly temperament makes this nakshatra even more charming.

Punarvasu #Career Interests:
Theater, drama, acting and the entertainment industry
Author, Publisher, Director
Philosopher, Psychologist, Mystic, Spiritual teachers
Civil engineer, Architects, Inventors, Scientists
Social Workers, Politicians

Punarvasu Position 20.00 in #Gemini to 3.20 in #Cancer
Symbol bow and quiver
Deity Aditi, the mother of the gods
Stars #Castor and #Pollux the Gemini twins; the full meaning is “the two who give back the good.” Castor was the mortal twin known for his skill in horsemanship. This star suggests intellect, sudden fame and honor, sometimes followed by sudden loss. Pollux the immortal twin is known for his skill in boxing. This star gives a courageous nature but cold and heartless.

Syllables Ke, Ko, Ha, He
Nakshatra Lord Guru/ Jupiter
Zodiac Mithun for 1st two Quarter, Karka for the remaining 2
Lord Buddha for 1st two Quarter, Chandra for the remaining 2
Nadi Aadi/ Initial
Tatva Vayu/ Wind for 1st two Quarter, Jal/ Water for the remaining 2
Yoni Marjar
Varna Shudra for 1st two Quarter, Brahmin for the remaining 2
Garna Dev/ Godly