The sixth #Lunar Mansion #Ardra

After hunting down the hunter, comes this #Nakshatra governed by the angry form of Lord Shiva, #Rudra. Its efforts to hunt are disposed in the

native of this Nakshatra in the form of yatna shakti especially for making gains in life. On one hand are the efforts and on the other are the desire to achieve the goal is what brings about achievements in the natives born under this nakshatra.

Qualities The natives born under this Nakshatra are hunters of their desires. They have a destructive disposition, but that is mandated for saving the grace for the future. They are said create havoc wherever they go. At times this destruction is aimed at themselves and their families too. I can say this as my father and wife both belongs to this Nakshatra. But in that destruction there is always a reconstruction, as it is said that the #Phoenix rises from its own ashes. Similarly there is always a new dawn after the darkest of the night, so the next Nakshatra is aptly called Punar-vasu, meaning the arrival of dawn.

Since the torrential rains of a dark and cloudy night brings about growth and fertility in vegetation, the same can be witnessed amongst the natives born in this lunar mansion. These individuals are really great at #creating utilities out of the old and discarded things. They have tremendous creativity and passion. Again, these statements are my personal experiences with my father. They love to renovate, repair and reform any and everything, be it car, bike, electronics equipment, household repairs or anything. Almost each of these individuals have their own small workshop dedicated to this passion.

They rise in their life through this hard work and dedication, but it is only after much persistence and struggle are they able to achieve anything worthwhile, that too, when the luck is on their side. It is portrayed well in the nature of a hunter, who must struggle a lot to get a prey. He should possess perfect set of bow and arrow and strength in his arm and a perfect eye and ear in order to achieve his target, but luck does plays it part.

They do crave for Power, Prestige and Recognition. For some they appear cold and calculating. Further to that they have a violent temperament, which further degrade their social standing. They are known to hurt the people whom they care for the most.
To overcome the destruction of their own people, they should learn to appreciate and admire the small little favors that anybody does. They feel satisfied on creating anything new despite all the hardships and opposition.

This creativity comes through their brilliant mind, be it Albert Einstein or Robert Hand, both were born under this Nakshatra. It is governed by Rahu, the North Node of Moon, which denotes the fierce & destructive activities of this Nakshatra while the clarity of thoughts and emotional cleansing comes as it recedes.
The primary motivation of this Nakshatra is Artha or Wealth creation. It has a Manushya or Humane Temperament, with its fundamental power being making gains through great efforts.

Ardra Career Interests:
Mechanics, Mechanical or Automobile Engineer
Mathematician, Atomic Researcher
Hospital staff, Nurse, Pain management, Physiotherapist
Teachers, Writers, Public Relation Officers, Social Workers
Thieves, Butchers, Drug Dealers, Pharmacist

Ardra Position 6.40 to 20.00 in Gemini
termed as The Star of Sorrow
Symbol Hunter’s Head representing thinking and concentration. Also a teardrop which represent suffering.
Deity Rudra, the Destructive form of Lord Shiva
Stars Betelgeuse the fixed star on the shoulder of Orion and Sirius, the Dog star are associated with this Nakshatra. It is star of aggression which confers an active mind, but with lots of struggle and ultimately achieving marital wealth and honors.

Syllables Ku, Gha, Da, Cha
Nakshatra Lord Rahu, the North Node of the Moon
Zodiac Mithun/ Gemini
Lord Buddha/ Mercury
Nadi Aadi /Initial
Tatva Vayu/ Wind
Yoni Shwan/ Swine
Varna Shudra/ Menial
Garna Manushya/ Humane