Here comes the Tenth One magha The Mighty One The first one of  Leo
Magha is governed by our Pitras, i.e. the #Ancestors. Pitras, being our forefathers are supposed to be the protectors of humanity. Hence it bestows the native tyage kshepani shakti, i.e. the power to leave the body easily. Underneath it’s the leaving of body and over us it’s the mourning which collectively causes death.
Death is dreaded, but in Hinduism, it is considered just an end of one cycle, wherein a soul leaves one body and then goes to another as per its deeds. The same is caused by this Nakshatra, i.e. a change of a situation or coming to an end of a cycle.
The prior Nakshatra of Bharani indicated the movement of soul away from body, while this one detaches it.
This is the second of the Ganda_Mool_Nakshatras
Mythology This Asterism is considered as the abode of the Ancestors during their transit from one life cycle to another.
Qualities This Asterism is meant for the #Kings and the Rulers. They have the leadership qualities and tend to take charge. They are generally eminent persons of society. They tend to stick to their roots, as they are traditional and have strong value system. They love their heritage and ancestry. Generally they are the ones in the family who would chart out their family tree.
Their ambition makes them restless. They strive for power and prestige which can lead to obsession. They are warm hearted with deep rooted loyalty to their family and friends. But the elitism and class- consciousness can make them arrogant and can further lead towards egotism and snobbism.
The void of being successful in their own eyes (which they seldom are) drives them towards their spiritual self. They have leadership qualities in spirituality too, and that makes them Magha, the Mighty One. The perfect example of this is the Indian Saint, #Paramhansa Yogendra. His Ascendant and the Moon were both in this Asterism in his Natal Chart.
The primary motivation of the natives born in this Nakshatra is ‘Artha’ i.e. material prosperity. This is governed by Ketu, the Southern Node of the Moon. It bestows the natives with mysticism. They have a Rakshasa (Devilish) temperament. They have the power to leave the body easily.
Magha Career Interests:
Leaders, Politicians, Business heads
Businessman with keen business acumen, Self-employed
Archaeologists, Researchers, Historians
Musicians, Actors, Dramatics
Magha Position 0.00 to 13. 20 in Leo, considered as The Star of Power
Symbol Royal Palanquin, Throne or a Royal Chamber
Deity Pitras or the forefathers or Ancestors
Stars The bright fixed star Regulus in the heart of the Lion represents this Asterism This is the one that bestows the native with loafty ideas, thirst for power and fame.
Syllables Ma, Mi, Mu, May
Nakshatra Lord Ketu/ Southern Node of Moon
Zodiac Singha/ Leo
Lord Surya/ Sun
Nadi Anta / Final
Tatva Agni /Fire
Yoni Mooshak/ Mouse
Varna Kshtriyia /Warrior
Garna Rakshasa /Devil