The 11th Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni
Phalgun is the season of Pre-Monsoon in India, when we have overcast skies along with mild drizzle. The weather makes the mood romantic.
This Nakshatra too is governed by Aryaman, the Deity of Contacts, Associations and Unions. It thus bestows the power of procreation (prajanana shakti). On the top it’s the #Wife and underneath is the #Husband. Togather they create the fetus.
This Asterism brings about #procreation/ reproduction at all levels. But being a Deity, Aryaman blesses the union out of a social order, i.e. a child born out of a wedlock. He also looks after the festivities and rituals of a #marriage.
Mythology Phalgun is meant for marriage and union of a couple. Even Lord Shiva started his marriage procession under this auspicious asterism. Here the Deity Bhagya (#fate) bestows the couple with family inheritance in the form of progeny and marital #bliss along with materialistic bliss.
Qualities Since this asterism is all about the enjoyment of companionship and the #courtship, its symbol of hammock or front lega of a bed. The natives born in this nakshatra are easy going and carefree. They prefer to rest, relax & rely on their fate (Bhagya), which is also the Deity of this Nakshata, rather than worry about anything. They are thus very affectionate, empathetic, sensual and attractive. This makes them social, and their empathy & communication skills help them to influence others. Parties and social gatherings are their favorite hangout place. Their amiability and generosity never let them be aloof. They tend to marry and have a long & happy married life.
On the negative side, their over friendliness can lead them to excess of socialite. Their attractiveness and robust health can add fuel to their passion and sexual indulgence. They can get lazy, develop vanity and narcissism.
The lordship of Venus makes them creative and artistic. Often they could be seen expressing themselves through music and dance. If not, then their interest in fine arts is quite evident. The best example that can be quoted is of #Madonna, the pop singer of the ‘90s. She had her Natal Moon and Ascendent both in this Nakshatra.
AS we can guess by now, their main motivation is ‘kama’ or desires or pleasures of life. Here the power that is bequeathed is of procreation or progeny. Bhagya or Fate or the Lord of Prosperity is the main deity. Their materialistic desires makes their temperament humane or Manushya.
Purva Phalguni Career Interests:
Artists, Musicians, Models, Actors
Modes of Mass Communication Radio, TV & Internet
Travel agent, Retail Sales Person
Jewelry, Cosmetics and Wedding Planners
Politicians, Government service
Teachers, Professors
Sex therapists.
Purva Phalguni Position 13.20 to 26.40 in Leo
Symbol Hammock, Bed (the front legs), , Fig tree
Deity Bhagya (Fate) god of bliss (marital) and prosperity
Stars The two stars Leonis and Zosma at the rear flank of the Lion, which are said to be the stars of egotism and self-indulgence
Syllables Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu
Nakshatra Lord Shukra /Venus
Zodiac Singha/ Leo
Lord Surya/ Sun
Nadi Madhyam /Middle
Tatva Agni /Fire
Yoni Mooshak/ Mouse
Varna Kshtriyia /Warrior
Garna Manush /Humane